They Rocked It.” Mazen Said The Convention Had A Great Turnout From Parents Vying To See What Students Came Up With.

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Students bring ideas to life at Invention Convention

Invention Convention Students were tasked with identifying a problem, and then coming up with a creative solution to solve that problem. Designs were drafted in-school, and then brought home to be built. Second graders showcased their inventions to parents, teachers, and fellow students that Thursday. “I think this was great to have their ideas highlighted. They loved it,” said Cory Mazen, a second grade teacher. “As soon as we started, the kids were beaming. They were proud to show off their inventions to their parents classmates. They were proud of themselves, as they should be. They rocked it.” Mazen said the convention had a great turnout from parents vying to see what students came up with. She said inventing helped students learn perseverance, because if something did not work while they were building they needed to push past difficulties, redesign, and rebuild. “We wanted to do something fun InventHelp and creative, while also staying within new science standards that are rolling out,” said Mazen.

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World Patent Marketing's New Swimming Invention, The Pool Pal, Makes A Big Splash With Handicapped People

Pools are fun for everyone and many people enjoy going in to cool off or play around. Unfortunately, handicapped people and amputees tend to have a hard time entering the pool by themselves. Many handicapped people try to live independently and don’t want help. Sometimes there is simply no one else around. The Pool Pal solves this with a ladder specifically designed for people who are handicapped or amputees. It can simply be played in a ground pool and it allows handicapped people to ease themselves into the pool without any external help. The Pool Pal will help handicapped and disabled people feel more independent and free. "These two products will give amputees and people with disabilities the freedom to enjoy swimming in in-ground pools safely on their own,” says inventor Leo M. The Pool Pal is a swimming invention that gives handicapped people a ladder so they can easily enter pools without help. This will allow them to act independently without having to wait for help.

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